Future Of The Left - Corner Hotel

Finally, it's Future Of The Left returning back to the Corner Hotel. The quartet originally from Cardiff have been here several times in what seems like an annual pilgrimage.

Well they did miss a couple of years but then again life gets in the way. Andy "Falco" Falkous married former Million Dead bassist from Melbourne, Julia Ruzicka and they have had a daughter together. They also no longer live in Wales but the couple have recently moved to London, while drummer Jack Egglestone still lives in Cardiff.

After five year vocalist and guitarist, Jimmy Watkins left in 2016. Touring with the band on this current Australian tour is Ian Catskilkin, of Art Brut fame.

Since the last Australian tour, Future Of The Left have released 'The Peace and Truce of Future Of The Left', a mini album called 'To Failed States And Forest Clearings 'plus a live album titled, 'Live At Highbury Garage'.

This is on top of a solo project from Julia featuring guest singers including Black Francis of the Pixies and multiple Andy's solo recordings under the Christian Fitness moniker.

As expected, the band never disappointed. Andy's banter betweens songs is always a hilarious. Hearing some of my favourite songs live again is always such a pleasure from the "Come On Rick" plea that start 'Arming Eritrea', 'You Need Satan More Than He Needs You', 'Manchasm' and a couple of Mclusky songs, 'To Hell With Good Intentions' and the manic medley encore that included 'Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues', which had Julia Ruzicka crowd surfing while playing her bass. AWESOME SAUCE!

Photography by Carbie Warbie \U0001f413

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