P.P. Arnold at The Memo Music Hall

For a true music nut like me, this is a true revelation! I knew about P.P. Arnold and I loved the Small Faces and those early recordings from Immediate Records - a British record label, started in 1965 by The Rolling Stones' manager Andrew Loog Oldham and Tony Calder. When I heard that P.P. Arnold was finally releasing an album that had been hidden in the can for 50 years and was produced by Barry Gibb of Bee-Gees fame, my interest was piqued.

When it was announced she would be touring Australia on her first tour with a band made up of three members of You Am I (Tim Rogers, Andy Kent and Rusty Hopkinson), James Black on keyboards and the lovely Talei Wolfgramm on vocal - I knew had to be there.

What a night it was. The former Ikette from Ike & Tina Turner Revue, was amazing to watch. The stories P.P. Arnold told on the night were heartlifting and inspirational. What a treasure to see her soar, as she belted out and paid tribute to Tina Turner, The Rolling Stones, The Small Faces, Cat Stevens, Eric Clapton, The Bee-Gees and more.

From 'River Deep Mountain High', '(If You Think You're) Groovy', to the mesmerising gospel music of 'Give A Hand, Take A Hand' where Talei soared like an angel at the end.

It was the performance of The Small Faces 'Tin Soldier' with Tim Rogers letting it rip and P.P. Arnold projecting her voice into the stratosphere that was my concert highlight. See above for a video of that performance. There is something about this particular song. Just the opening chords sends a chill down my spine. It was Steve Marriott's crowning achievement of three minutes of pure pop bliss. Would we have had the music of Paul Weller or Noel Gallagher or Blur without the Small Faces? I think not. Thank you P.P. Arnold. Thank you, You Am I, James Black and Talei Wolfgramm for a magical night at The Memo.

Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413





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