Queenscliff Music Festival's Best On Ground - Southern River Band

OK! I will admit it. I feel a bit jaded. I have seen a few bands. I have photographed thousands for almost a decade now in my relentless pursuit to document the Melbourne Music Scene. So, it takes a lot to impress this happy little gig pig.

I still love photographing bands. Especially when you see one that you have never heard of before, make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and....COMPLETELY BLOW YOU AWAY!

This four-piece band hail from Thornlie in Perth and they are called, The Southern River Band. At Queenscliff Music Festival, I saw them played three times over three days and each gig they got better and better, pulling a more enthusiastic crowd. Everybody was talking about them!

The Southern River Band are a great rock'n'roll band with lots of swagger and a carefree attitude. Boozy frontman, Callum Kramer beams his cheshire grin and drops some fun banter between songs. This is a feel good rock'n'roll band that I have not seen in a long time. Tight pants, fun times and a fine batch of rockin' songs from their debut studio album, 'Live At The Pleasuredome'.

Their final gig at the festival, was in a sweltering tin shed called The Pavillion. It will undoubtable go down as one of my gigs of the year. It was so hot in there, it was like a rock'n'roll sauna. It was a sunny day but the real heat was radiating from the stage. All of my camera lenses were fogging up. As I glanced at the left, I could see four little girls up front, all twangin' some major air guitar licks in unison at the band. I had to laugh out loud because it not a sight you expect to see at a rock concert.

The Southern River Band end their enthralling set with their excellent rock anthem 'One Of These Nights (I'll Be Gone)'. The whole crowd sings along to the final refrain of "I won't be around...I won't be around much longer". They better be around and hopefully touring Melbourne Rock Central in the near future.

The Dictators have a song called 'Who Will Save Rock 'N' Roll?' (yes, I want you to google it) with lyrics like "my generation is not the salvation" but these young studs from Perth give me hope in my heart, that The Southern River Band could be our saviours. These photographs are my proof.

Photography by Carbie Warbie. \U0001f413

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