Unguarded Moments With The Church at 170 Russell

The Church are one of a handful of legendary iconic Australian bands that have evolved are still making potent music today. Steve Kilbey is such an engaging frontman and the current lineup with Peter Koppes, Ian Haug, Tim Powles and touring member Jeffrey Cain make a formidable team. They have been prolific over 37 years, as they have just dropped their 26th album 'Man Woman Life Death Infinity'.

My concert writer Harry Williams writes: "A performance like we saw tonight begs the obvious question… Why the hell aren't this band mega? When they are ‘on’, few other bands out there are capable of the kind of iconic transcendent performances The Church are... and yet despite this, the band just never seemed to break through into the mainstream. As such, they have remained probably one of the best kept secrets in Australian Music."

Read Harry's complete concert review on TheDwarf.com.au:

Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413

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