Bands that are rocking their world with The Tryouts

Nothing Bad is Ever Going To Happen, sounds like something a main character would say just before their car exploded. But if you're into happy endings then you'll love The Tryouts. Such optimism can only come from artists steeped in sickly sweet pop music. Even the band name oozes optimism and tenacity. It may not then surprise you that our jangle pop duo were once based in Canada. Now based in Oz, they've released an EP which stands as thier misson statement to the world. Nothing Bad is Ever Going To Happen is full to the brim with jangly pop bliss. Covering themes such as rejection, heartache and not knowing your place in the world, it'll fit nicely in your cassette walkman. If you're fans of San Cisco and The Jungle Giants, you'll love this slice of pop to drop in your tropical drink of choise this summer.


Since moving to Oz they spent no time in checking out the live scene and getting out on the road themselves! They've given us a bunch of bands that has blown them away and think you should check out too. While you're at it, see them at one of their tour shows!



Top 5 live gigs since living in Australia

Dave: First show i ever went to in Australia was to see Newcastle local, Dave the band, by accident, at The Lass. I started talking to someone wearing a shirt that said dave because i thought it was like a name tag. They told me it was a band and i was lucky to be there to see them. When i was watching i thought maybe i was imagining things, because how could a local band be this good! Theyve been on my playlist ever since.

Chels: I have been to many amazing shows in Australia and, after a year of gigs being cancelled and the music scene in Canada left completely desolate, it was so special to go out and see live music again when I got back to here.         

Some of the shows I’ve loved seen since being back:

Ball Park Music - one of my all time favourite Aus bands. Such fun songs, clever lyrics and a warm and loveable live show.

Johnny Hunter - these guys are the real deal, incredible stage presence and arena worthy anthems.

Julia Jacklin - I mean what can I say? One of the best (if not the best) songwriters in Australia.

West Best Block Fest  - we played it so maybe a little bias here haha but it was such a great day with so many incredible bands. Some of my favourites were Atlas Franklin Alexander, Lachlan X Morris and Butterknife.

Bec Sandridge - I haven’t been able to catch a lot of shows in Sydney since I’ve been back, but this was one and a great one at that! Bec really has her own thing going on and is such a badass on stage!





Saturday, 29th October The Ori Newcastle, NSW with Berlyn, Double Berth & Lawson Hull

Thursday, 3rd November Some Velvet Morning Melbourne, VIC with BoysnLove & Local The Neighbour

Sunday, 6th November Bearded Lady Brisbane, QLD with The Verandahs

Thursday, 10th November Transit Bar Canberra, ACT

Saturday, 12th November The Exeter Adelaide, SA

Wednesday, 16th November The Vanguard Sydney, NSW Tickets with Berlyn, Lawson Hull and Lahi and the Diks