Mclusky celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Mclusky Do Dallas at the Corner Hotel

So where do I start? I apologise because I came really late to the mclusky party.

It was 2009 and there I was photographing the Falls Festival in Lorne for the Aussie music website, There was a band called Future Of The Left which I had never heard before, playing at the Grand Valley tent up on the steep hill. I was totally gobsmacked on how bloody great they were. Now I was suppose to photograph my three songs in the pit and move on to photograph the next act on the main Valley Stage, down the hill. I was going nowhere because this shouty guy was singing songs about a "sausage on a stick" and I was mesmerised. So I watched their whole set and it was the best band I saw that year at the Falls Festival. Afterward, I purchase all of their recordings and then I learnt there was another band called "mclusky" that came before them, so I purchased those recordings too.

Over the years I got to photograph Future Of The Left a few times and they would play three or four mclusky songs in their set. Finally, it is time to actually experience a mclusky concert and the occasion was to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Steve Albini produced sophomore album, Mclusky Do Dallas

iPhone Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413

Mclusky at the Corner Hotel on the 3rd Jan 2024

1. Fuck This Band
2. Dethink To Survive
3. Without MSG I Am Nothing
4. Collagen Rock
5. What We've Learned
6. Day Of The Deadringers
7. Unpopular Parts Of A Pig (NEW SONG)
8. Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
9. Chases (featuring Julia Ruzicka on bass guitar)
10. 1956 And All That
11. She Will Only Bring You Happiness
12. The Digger You Deep (NEW SONG)
13. Et Tu, Edwards?
14. You Should Be Ashamed, Seamus
15. To Hell With Good Intentions
16. Rice Is Nice
17. The Battle Of Los Angelsea
18. Alan Is A Cowboy Killer
19. No Covers
20. Gareth Brown Says
21. Whoyouknow