Ramona Sky: Melbourne's Funk Rock Dynamo Takes Center Stage

Melbourne's funk-rock aficionados, Ramona Sky, took the stage by storm in their latest sonic spectacle. Founded in 2020, this four-piece powerhouse has since carved a path to greatness, earning a nomination for 'Best Group' at the prestigious 2022 Music Victoria Awards. A fusion of 70s rock and 90s funk, their recent performance showcased an electric mix of Chelsea Sharp's commanding vocals, funky guitar riffs, and Jess Maio's rhythmic drum beats. Unleashing a setlist that seamlessly weaved new tracks with time-tested classics, the atmosphere was charged with energy. Drummer Jess Maio took the spotlight with engaging interactions, ensuring the audience was not merely spectators but integral participants in the auditory adventure. Ramona Sky's gig was nothing short of a triumph, leaving an indelible mark on Melbourne's vibrant music scene.