This Space is Ours, are carving their own scene and taking no prisoners!

This Space is Ours, new explosive single, My Name, hits you in the guts like a rollercoaster. Bursting with power, it’s self assured and confident. Front woman, Gemma’s, commanding delivery makes you sit up and take notice.

Self described as easycore, Gemma explains its origins. It became a thing that sort of blew up in the MySpace days and then died off with MySpace. Since then it's been very rare to have a new easycore bands and there’s only really three from the old days that have stayed popular. A Day To Remember, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk and Four Year Strong.” If you're not 100% familiar with those bands, This Space Is Ours sits somewhere between At the Drive In and Paramore. It's powerful delivery wrapped in decent melodies.

Despite being one of the only bands waving the easycore flag, Gemma doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. “I am very comfortable being different, as cringey as that sounds! I think it helps us stand out from the crowd…our songs have elements of both metalcore and pop punk so we are lucky enough to easily be able to slot into both scenes and still have no one sound exactly like us.”

Bands that they gig with obviously fall into both camps. “On the metalcore side, a band we’ve played with and love are Nth Rd; we consider them to be like our "big brother band". They were a huge help to us starting out and still are. On the pop punk side we have Everlyne, who we've all become big fans of since playing a gig with them”

Though this single is only the second release from the band, individually the members are no strangers to the sticky carpets of Melbourne. Gemma talks us through putting the outfit together. I needed people that were willing and able to make the band their first priority and thank goodness that's what I found. this band is what I was trying to achieve in previous bands but kept missing the mark. which just eventually came with experience and finding the right people.” Confident with this group, Gemma is able to fullfill her ambitions of being a lyricist and performer. Both of those are huge driving forces for me. It's something I've been very focused on doing my whole life. I discovered I loved performing at my first dance concert when I was two years old and then took any opportunity to perform in front of people from then on. I then discovered I loved lyric writing when I attempted to write my first song, I was around 7 years old and I definitely stole the entire melody from Good Charlotte. Luckily, I have since improved and no longer need to plagiarize hahaha.” Citing Aussie influences Bonnie Fraser of Stand Atlantic and Jake Wilson of Between You & Me, Gemma also brings up Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance “His mind is so unbelievably creative with the stories their songs tell and the energy he gives live is astronomical.”

The influences come through in the single, My Name. It’s about being perceived as fragile, and you can feel Gemma’s frustration leap out of the speakers. It’s a personal story but universally relatable. When asked how she feels about the new release being out in the open, Gemma is optimistic. “I'm excited, I feel like even though it's our second single, it's the first real taste of what we can do and what we have planned for the future. Each of us have put our whole heart into creating this release and I hope people can hear that.”


New single, My Name is out now on wherever you listen to music. New video clip is a cool slice of pop horror. Check it out here if you dare!