TISM (billed as Banjo Paterson-Lakes) second secret gig at Prince Bandroom

"That River Phoenix song was wrong,
But I'm gonna sing it strong,
Pretend my conscience still too young,
To know the harm I might have done,
Wisdom is useless, age a prison
Let's break free with old school TISM!"

Some wise words from Ron Hitler-Barassi, as my all time favourite band complete their second secret show in two weeks. They were suppose to play with Regurgitator but COVID reared it's ugly head. So this rejigged concert was billed as Banjo Paterson-Lakes and last week's mystery name at the first secret gig at the Croxton Bandroom was Open Mic Tryouts. Back in the day, they use Late For Breakfast, The Frank Vitkovic Jazz Quartet, Machiavelli & The Four Seasons (before it became their actual album title) and my personal favourite mystery band name, Smacka My Bitch Up Fitzgibbon.

GOOD THINGS come in three's, so expect TISM secret show number three. STAY TUNED!

CREDIT: iPhone video from Peter Aylward
Photography by CarbieWarbie \U0001f413