Top Marks

29.6.23 Retreat Hotel , Cinco Savage and Mongrel will be tearing up the Retreat, and keeping your cockles warm with their riff heavy sets. 

30.6.23  Cherry Bar - The Stripp, The Refuge,Arabella and the Heist  -  The Stripp are Melbourne's preminent hard core rock n rollers , they incinerate every stage they play on, Bek Taylor is a rock n roll acrobat, to see her in full flight is something to behold, they will have The Refuge and Arabella and the Heist along for the ride. 

1.7.23 The Curtin Bandroom  Girl and Girl, Pollyman, Bird Pop - Girl and Girl have just signed to Subpop, so everyone's ears are burining to find out where they will be playing next, the answer to that question is The Curtin , they will be launching their riff heavy single All I See from their fantastic latest release Divorce +, supported by Pollyman and Bird Pop 

9.7.23  Lulies Tavern Little Wise  - Little Wise will be bringing their chilled out tunes to Lulies , it'll be a cold night and Little Wise will be the perfect excuse to get indoors. 

8.7.23  Thornbury Bowls -JOY, Future Suck , Hacker ,Frame,  Persecutor- Joy will be down from Sydney to rip up the Thornbury Bowls Club, Future Suck, Persecutor Hacker and Frame will be taking turns in destroying the bowlo, get down, can't guarentee you'll make it out alive though.

15.7.23 Catfish Bar -Spunkfest - Leaps and Bounds is a festival that celebrates everything northside, heaps of diverse gigs at a lot of different venues all around the northside, , Spunkfest will be a wild night , it'll be celebrating a heap of rowdy Melbourne punk bands Spunk, Persecution Blues, Frontside Backsides , Bellhop and Petwo Burners will all deafen you in a space of one song, so get ready to be blasted.

13.8.23 The Maggie Pills and The Stripp -The Gem Bar - This is another Leaps and Bounds show, both of these bands have been killing it all over Melbourne, The Maggie Pills have recently released the album Hope is a Risk  so they will showcasing some of the tracks from that and recently The Stripp have released Ain't No Crime To Rock and Roll, both bands will blow a gaping hole in the tiny Gem Bar, miss out at your peril !