Top Marks

5.8.23 The Harlots reform after five years and are playing Shotkickers, The Harlots soul groove/ Americana rockers don't play around often, so don't miss this one.

4.8.23 Hardcore thrashers KRUL will be smashing up the old bar with the launch of the album Forbidden Moon, Miserable Sun supports are Bayonet, R.U.B. and LOTHARIO 

10.8.23 Country duet Eileen and Alex hamilton will be drifting into Lulies for a lazy arvo gig at Lulies 

Every Sunday in August - Alexander Gow (Oh Mercy ) will be previewing his new album Dizzy Spell every Sunday in August with a different backing band every week as well as different supports every week to backing band will include 'EVIL" Graham Lee and Richard Bradbeer 

Supports will be:

week 1 Trip To Echo Spring (Olympia solo) 

week 2 Georgia Knight 

week 3 Brendan Welch 

week 4 Rowena Wise 

18.8.23 Martin Frawley will be playing tracks from  his brand new albumThe  Wannabe at the best band room in town The Curtin supports will be The Toads, Leah Pedroza and The Cool Change 

As always get out and support Melbourne music, love the music, love the venues.