Photo Gallery: Ben Howard at Palais Theatre, Melbourne

 Tuesday 28 May, 2024
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Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery: For King & Country at John Cane Arena, Melbourne

Photo Gallery of the King and Country performance on Fri 24 May 20204 at John Cain Arena, Melbourne, VIC.

Photo Gallery
Tay's Transcendent Tour: A Sonic Journey Across Folk-Pop Realms.

Embarking on his Australian tour, Tay, the soul-stirring singer-songwriter from Queensland, enchanted audiences with a genre-blurring performance. From captivating ballads to infectious sing-alongs, Tay, accompanied by the dynamic duo Jason Daniels and Ha

Photo Gallery
Ramona Sky: Melbourne's Funk Rock Dynamo Takes Center Stage

In a dazzling display of musical prowess, Ramona Sky, the four-piece funk rock sensation hailing from Melbourne, electrified the audience at their recent gig at Northcote Social Club. See all the action in our latest photo gallery.

Ruby Jones launches captivating new single, Feeling of Falling.

We talk with Ruby's about her musical beginnings and the importance of live music in the work of TikTok.

Photo Gallery
Mclusky celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Mclusky Do Dallas at the Corner Hotel

Welsh punk legends, Mclusky are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their breakthrough sophomore record, "Mclusky Do Dallas" with two SOLD OUT shows at the Corner Hotel in Richmond.

Photo Gallery
SPARKS were a magical joyous celebration at the Palais Theatre

For the first time since 2001, legendary pop pioneers Sparks bring their spectacular live show to Australia. Ron and Russell Mael have had many incarnations over their incredible 26 albums, from art rock, glam, electro-disco and new wave to synthpop.

Photo Gallery
Otoboke Beaver

Described as “the most intense shit you’ve ever seen” – experience the notoriously wild live band, Kyoto’s Otoboke Beaver.

Photo Gallery
The Beasts celebrate James Baker and their 40th Anniversary


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